For a firm, radiantly beautiful complexion from head to toe: The Dead Sea is known as the world’s largest source of skin-improving and nourishing minerals. And exactly these minerals are used by an Israeli brand that translates its love for skin into high-quality cosmetic products. And love means in Hebrew: AHAVA.


For decades scientists researched to gain a better understanding of the positive effects of the Dead Sea on the skin. With the invention of the Osmoter™, an exclusive, highly concentrated mineral composition, AHAVA has succeeded in setting new standards in skin care cosmetics.

The minerals used in all face and body care products ensure maximum effectiveness and a well-groomed, silky-soft skin feeling – all year round.


… pampers the skin with moisture and luxurious care. The moisturizing Osmoter™ is complemented with aloe vera, glycerine, and skin-soothing witch hazel extract to preserve the skin’s moisture content. Thus, it guarantees well-being throughout the day.

The light, nutrient-rich texture is quickly absorbed. Besides, is ideal for daily basic care and the summer.


… brings the Dead Sea to your home and concentrates its beneficial and rejuvenating properties in a liquid state. The salt gel contains an intense concentration of 32% Dead Sea minerals.

It can detoxify the skin, support its regeneration and strengthen its protective and vital functions. Dunaliella algae extract improves the skin’s structure, vitamin E protects against free radicals and grapefruit oil makes the skin soft and supple. So, the inner balance of the skin is restored naturally.

It can detoxify the skin, support its regeneration and strengthen its protective and vital functions. Dunaliella algae extract improves the skin’s structure.

Vitamin E protects against free radicals and grapefruit oil makes the skin soft and supple. So, the inner balance of the skin is restored naturally.


When it comes into contact with water, it transforms into a light and supple body lotion that pampers the skin. The high-energy mixture of natural Dead Sea salts and cane sugar dissolves dead skin cells. Besides, coconut and jojoba oil balance the moisture balance – for irresistibly soft skin.

Dunaliella algae extract and sesame oil protects the skin from aging processes and improve its structure. The mood-enhancing tangerine & cedarwood scent invigorate tired skin and spirits with energizing vitality.


… are the pure salt crystals of the Dead Sea with their regenerating and detoxifying properties. They are rich in health-promoting minerals such as magnesium, calcium, or sodium and ensure relaxation, relief from muscle tension, and an improvement of skin condition. As a bath additive, they strengthen the protective and vital functions of the skin and optimize the moisture balance.


A Shower & Bath Oil that transforms into a milky lotion as soon as it comes into contact with water. This mild, skin-friendly cleansing product from the AHAVA DEAD SEA PLANTS series is ideal for dry, stressed winter skin as it intensively moisturizes it and wraps even the driest and most sensitive skin in comfort.

Enriched with Dunaliella Salina algae from the Dead Sea as well as sweet almond and grapeseed oils, the Shower & Bath Oil soothes skin complaints and irritations. Moreover, it reduces redness and counteracts dryness. Because of its mild ingredients, the shower and bath oil is suitable for sensitive skin.

Furthermore, it’s good for children because it’s free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil. So even the morning shower becomes a moment of well-being. Using: Gently massage into the skin while showering and rinse off. Add 3-4 capsules of oil directly into the water for the bath.


The caring shower gel refreshes the senses with its fruity-citric aroma. Fucogel®, a polysaccharide (multiple sugars), attracts moisture and thus prevents moisture loss, even when cleaning with water. Aloe Vera Gel moisturizes, softens dry skin, and relieves sensitive skin symptoms such as irritation and redness.

The mixture of moisturizing minerals and the superfood antioxidant duo kale and turmeric relieves the skin of daily stress, strengthens the skin barrier against drying out, makes it supple and soft, and leaves it feeling fresh. Use: Apply to damp skin while showering, then rinse off.


Simply cream away feelings of tension! This 24/7 cream is based on the innovative combination of the Osmoter™, the unique blend of Dead Sea minerals proven to increase skin’s moisture levels, and Multi-Weight Hyaluronic Acid to protect against rapid moisture loss and retain additional moisture.

Apply to the face and neck in the morning and evening after cleansing for a smooth, supple, and plumped skin feeling.


… is the most concentrated serum that the Dead Sea Laboratories have ever produced. It provides the answer to all anti-aging questions. The silky-smooth oil-based serum contains micronized crystals from the mineral-rich water of the Dead Sea.

Moreover, it corrects all visible ones thanks to its high mineral intake signs of skin aging. Hence, it’s perfect for intensive wrinkle reduction, visible tightening, and flawless radiance! In the mornings and evenings, you should massage 3-4 drops into cleansed skin. Then the day or night care can be used as usual.


… covers the epidermis like a second skin and envelops it with valuable vital substances. Its energy-giving and beguiling aroma in two fragrances put you in a good mood. The nourishing drying oil contains a composition of jojoba and sesame oil. Besides, it contains vitamin E and nutrient-rich Dunaliella algae.

Therefore, it provides the skin with everything it needs. Due to its non-greasy texture, it can also be massaged into dry hair ends to protect them from split ends. Thus, it leaves the hair moisturized, smells wonderful, and looks well-groomed.


… for a well-groomed, wrinkle-free décolleté and neck area. It’s a must not only for dirndl and bikini! The cream is a silky and smoothing cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The neck and décolleté are perfectly hydrated with grape seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and reindeer moss extracts and appear soft and nourished.

With daily use, the delicate skin is protected from premature wrinkling and loss of firmness thanks to vitamin E, goji berries, extracts from St. John’s wort, and a mineral polymer. AHAVA’s renowned Osmoter™ improves skin moisture levels. In addition, deep-acting extracts from the Himalayas additionally tighten the skin. For an irresistibly beautiful décolleté – all year round.

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