Huawei presents it new flagship P30 Pro since April. VALEUR made the test to check if the P30 can beat its biggest opponent the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The iPhone Xs lost the challenge already before the start, because of its Lightning Connector, a dual camera, a weak battery as well as the lack of a slot for a memory card. Moreover, we made the experience that the iPhone has big problems to transfer 4K videos to an external device. In 2019 and considering the price, too many no-go’s for us.


After unpacking the Huawei P30 Pro, you have a phone in your hand, which looks very good and which feels the same. Everything seems valuable and perfectly manufactured. Depending on your personal taste, you have many choices regarding the color of the case.

So far so good, let’s switch it on. If you do so, it will be on for a very long time. The powerful battery paired with a smart energy usage is still a big plus of Huawei.

One reason for the long battery life of the P30 Pro is the display. There are some critics regarding its resolution. But, inter alia, exactly this makes it possible to use the Huawei P30 Pro almost 1 ½ day without recharging the battery.

Besides, the display looks very good. It’s bright, colorful, and it has a very good contrast. Furthermore, another big plus is the handling. The pressure points are simply perfect. Thus, it’s a true pleasure to wipe from one app to the other.

Huawei P30 Pro
Designer2k2, Huawei P30 Pro Rückseite, CC BY-SA 4.0


Unfortunately, here end the positive impressions. Because to use some apps becomes very difficult or simply impossible. Especially, standard apps for video recording like FiLMiC Pro or gimbal software aren’t working correctly. And, it has a reason! Because the video camera of the Huawei P30 Pro is simply a joke.

Why people pay almost 1.000 Euros for a smartphone? Mainly, because of the camera. Of course, without any doubt, the photo camera of the Huawei P30 Pro is a milestone in history of smartphone photography.

However, what good is a top smartphone camera, when the video functions are on the level of a 150 Euro phone? The P30 Pro has problems with simply everything. First, it starts with the focusing and huge problems with changing lights. Then, it doesn’t end with the image stabilization and incompatibility to gimbals and their apps.

For example, we have used the popular FiLMiC Pro app to record some videos. Additionally, we have used the Zhiyun and its app. We were shocked because of the results. Instead of sharp details we saw blurry pixel-blocks (not just unsharp pixels, but huge pixilated areas). The pictures reminded us on the first videos on the Internet, but really not on technologies which we expect in 2019.


Furthermore, the absolute no-go is, that Huawei doesn’t offer a support for an external microphone. Not via standard video app, and not via hardware. So, the lack of a jack socket could be accepted. But, it’s just unbelievable, that even with an adapter an external microphone isn’t working with a 1.000 Euros smartphone.


In addition, some people like that the power button is placed on the right side, below the loudness buttons. But during the daily use you will have two problems with it.

Firstly, you will switch off the phone when you actually just want to reduce the volume.

Secondly, you will get problems with a gimbal, because the holder will push the power button. Alternatively, you have to place the phone leftist, which could cause stabilizing problems.


Last, but not least, the Huawei P30 Pro supports not the standard, but only the house-made memory cards.

Huawei P30 red
TGspot - (Huawei S10), Huawei P30 Pro, CC BY-SA 4.0



The big plus of the Huawei P30 Pro is the long life of the battery. Furthermore, we liked also the display, even if it’s just working in Full-HD mode. For the most users, it’s good enough and, it’s good to save energy.

We liked also the handling, except the fact, that Huawei’s EMUI offers just one layer to place the apps. Samsung has a better solution for it.


As described before, from a 1.000 Euro smartphone we expect, that it fulfils the standards of 2019. The Huawei P30 Pro can’t fulfil them in any case. It has just a good camera.


However, for 850 Euros you can buy a Panasonic DMC-FZ2000 with Leica lenses. It has a high-resolution, 20x optical zoom and 40x intelligent zoom (Huawei P30 Pro = 5x). Of course, it has a 4K video function including image stabilization.

The big plus, you have a microphone and headphone connector, which makes it possible, to check the audio during the recording.

Thus, we wouldn’t buy the Huawei P30 Pro in any case. The Samsung S10+ is also an alternative, but it has also different weak points.

Our tip is to buy a mid-range smartphone, and to invest the money in a camera which is good for both, photo and video, while being extremely compact at the same time.

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