How did I start?

I was born in East-Germany, where I started to take pictures at the age of 6 years. In my early life, my dream was to become a writer, director, or cameraman. When I was 18, the political system changed completely. The wall opened, and I had to face the new challenges of the Western system. Nowadays, it’s easy for young people to follow their dreams. At this time, it was something like a fight. I had to learn many things autodidactically. Thus, I don’t just produce stories for the magazine or the documentary, I live and feel them. I am always working with passion. Everythings comes from the bottom of my heart.

My Vita In Brief

1971: November 22, Born in Cottbus, GDR/Germany

1976: First camera, first shoots

1996 -1999: Command of Purity (Music Band, Founder, Synthesizer, Sound-Engineer)

2000 – 2004: Study of Media Technology (Göttingen, Brandenburg)

2005: Foundation of PMM (Premium Media Management)

2010: Refoundation, VALEUR MEDIA NETWORKS, the start of the VALEUR MAGAZINE


What does VALEUR means?

VALEUR isn’t another fashion magazine. With each issue, I try to tell authentic stories, like a movie. Fashion is a common theme, which leads the readers through the stories. VALEUR combines entertainment with social, ecological, or economic issues. VALEUR isn’t looking just for commercial success. It’s a story about dreams and authenticity. Thereby, VALEUR doesn’t mean luxury. The name stands for the traditional values of our society, like to trust each other, to be honest, and authentic. Instead of fake or bad news, VALEUR takes presents good news, because everything has a good and a bad side.

Where are the typical VALEUR readers?

Everybody, who is seeking real information, investigative journalism. People, who want to look behind the scenes and, who don’t believe everything. The world is a very beautiful place, but we are in charge to save it. All people, who feel something like responsibility are true VALEUR readers. Besides, of course, everybody, who wants to be informed about true good movies, music releases, and lifestyle trends is a typical VALEUR reader too.

What is the special about VALEUR?

VALEUR is an independent magazine. It presents in-depth and entertaining reports completely free for you. Everything you see is well researched. VALEUR does not present for money, but only if there is a value behind it.

SectionIsn’t it difficult for readers, to get information on so many pages?

VALEUR is an independent magazine. This gives us the opportunity and freedom, to present only stories that we love truly. You can see it, when you read the texts or when you see the layouts. The quality causes on our heart and soul, but not on calculation.

How did it come about that you have established the VALEUR MAGAZINE?

Actually, in the beginning, it was only an internal B2B media with another name at that time. I had released two issues when I met a designer, who was very engaged to establish an NGO project to support children in India. She did her work very authentic with heart and soul. When I asked her for an interview, she answered, that the kids are the important persons.

I loved that and I tried to support her project by writing an article about it. The idea was to convey it to our business partners with the hope, that they could be interested to support this authentic project. Regarding the research and presentation of some pictures, I was dependent on help. I was really shocked, when I recognized, that it’s much easier to support a fashion show than a social project. Nobody was interested to help in my surrounding area. Sounds strange, but it’s true. There were and are many people who talk about charity, but when you ask them to do something real… You will understand their real motivation.

Finally, I placed a post on Flickr and suddenly more than 1000 people from all over the world offered her support on a volunteer basis. Especially, we got support from the USA and, of course, from India. During that time, I recognized many things, I saw the problems but also the potential of development in India. I saw many people talking, but nothing doing in Germany. I thought about the reason and found my personal solution. I guess we forget the traditional values more and more. The classic values of our society like reliability, helpfulness, compassion, and friendship. We talk about 1000 friends on Facebook, but when we have to talk about our real friends, we don’t know any details about them. We know, which party they have visited yesterday, but we don’t know what they feel.

In the metro or bus, we are looking at the smartphone instead of in the eyes of others.

So, I started to write an article about the NGO very displeased on the one hand and very happy on the other. While writing I remembered my thoughts about the values and so the name VALEUR came to my mind. At this moment, the magazine was born and I produced a 400-page work about India – “The India Special Edition”, a journal full of heart and soul.

Do you think emotions belong into news?

The news or journalism, in general, should be presented objectively and neutral, but I think in times of a flood of pictures and information it is needful to show emotions when they are authentic.

How the audience should understand the difference between an important or unimportant message? For example, when the fabric collapsed in India last year, the people didn’t understand the real situation. They didn’t recognize, that the number of victims should be multiplied with factor three because the children and relatives of the people who died in the fabric were also victims of this catastrophe. There isn’t any social system, which could help them. The same situation we have currently when we look to Israel and the Gaza Strip.

I think, understanding the things which happen daily is very important. Today we think that things happen far away, but they could knock on our own door tomorrow.

Especially young people aren’t interested in the news, because they don’t understand them. When I talk with them, they are very surprised that girls and boys of the same age have to work hard and for stupid reasons in other countries. They embarrassed when they recognize that 50 cents more for a piece of clothing would give those misused kids a chance for a better life.

Finally, I believe in modern times and I am sure, that showing own feelings and arousing the emotion of others is a natural development, also in our business.

Sounds great, but what is the catch?

Actually, there is no catch for the readers as well as for our partners and clients. We must work double or three times more than usual. We need always partners, who love our quality and personality – and, of course, who support us monetarily. Besides the magazine, we run also a shooting and production service as well as international model management. This is the reason for our name: VALEUR MEDIA NETWORKS. We combine the media businesses and we are extremely connected with them worldwide – while we are still a young, small, and very spirited team.

What is the future of VALEUR or/and what is its main goal?

First of all, we want to reach people all over the world. The content of VALEUR isn’t focused on one place, one culture, or something else. It’s made for all people, wherever they live. I’m very happy, when I open my mail and see feedbacks from Moscow and New York at the same time, I love to hear that people in Columbia love our issues as well as people in Australia, China, or Europe. VALEUR is made for all people, who love stories, who want to dream and to take a rest, for a couple of minutes or more.

The main goal of VALEUR is to invite all these people, to be a part of VALEUR. We invite our readers to become editors, art directors, reporters… We invite them to write THEIR stories, which we will present in the magazine. They could write them down, or they could take pictures, make a video or sing a song, about their feelings, hopes, and dreams, or about the things which happen in their place. Thus, the main goal is to let the “Network” grow and to create an international community, who is interested in in-depth information, instead of the countless cappuccino or Snapchat dog filter picture.

Your favorite movies?

LA LA LAND, Nice Guys, STAR WARS Return of Jedi and The Force Awakens, Indiana Jones I-III, High Noon, It’s a Wonderful Life, Wild Target, Hot Fuzz, Pulp Fiction, Journey to the Center of the Earth, To Catch A Thief, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Charade, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barefoot in the Park, The Sting, The Great Gatsby, Three Days of the Condor, The Electric Horseman, Blade Runner, Die Hard, Mission Impossible, Back to the Future, Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile, Mutiny on the Bounty, The Godfather, Black Rain, Wall Street, The Bounty, Working Girl, Léon, Se7en, A Fish Called Wanda, The Life of Brian, Trading Places, Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Goonies, Critters, The Evil Dead, Gremlins, The Faculty, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Outsiders, Once Upon a Time in America, The Untouchables, All the President’s Men, The Money Pit, 1941, Airplane!, Airplane II: The Sequel, The Big Bus, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Ocean’s Eleven (1960), Scrooged, Dance of the Vampires, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, Terminator 2, L.A. Confidential, Leathal Weapon, Lord of the Rings, The Time Machine (1960), Logans Run, Casablanca, Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express, Evil Under the Sun, American Graffiti, Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden, The Desperate Hours, Love Me Tender,  Marathon Man, Top Secrets, Metropolis, The Great Dictator, Poltergeist, Dracula (Bram Stoker), Matrix I, James Bond (Connery, Moore, Dalton), Rocky I-IV, King Kong (1933, 1976), Aliens, The Mummy / The Mummy Returns, The Fog, Jurassic Park I & III, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958), Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans (1981)

Your favorite current films?

A Quiet Place, Unsane, Ready or Not

Your favorite TV series?

Magnum P.I., Sledge Hammer, Moonlighting, Remington Steele, Riptide, The King of Queens, Home Improvement

Your favorite music?

David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Broods, Billie Eilish, Joy Division, Elvis, 50’s, Röyksopp, Jain, Simon & Garfunkel, Abba, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Cure, Phillip Boa, The Weeknd, London Grammar, Snow Patrol, 80’s….

Your favorite actress?

Margot Robbie

Your favorite actor?

Ryan Gosling

Your favorite Location

Miami, L.A., New York, Havanna, Stockholm, Firenze, Berlin

Your favorite food?

Solyanka (Russian), Lebanese Food, Pizzaaaaa :), typical German: Quark with linseed oil & Potatoes (perfect food).

Your favorite book?

The Gilgamesh Epic

Your sign?


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