V-GUIDES - Emilie


WHO AM I I´m Emilie and I’m a really sensitive and empathetic person. I care a lot about the wellbeing of others will always do what I can to help improve a situation in any way. I used to see that as a disadvantage, but it actually gives me strength to see through the toughness…

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WHO AM I? I’m Debora, a curious woman, I like the new, to innovate and challenge myself. I like to change, improve and I’m learning to charge myself less. I love working and feeling independent. I like to be generous, I think generosity optimizes the lives of those who cross my path on a daily…

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WHO AM I I‘m an Anjali, an open and communicative person. I love to laugh and to spread positivity. WHY I AM A VALEUR GUIDE I really love meeting with different and new people. It has always been very important to travel and to get to know different cultures. I want to always build up…

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