WHO AM I? The most relevant part of me is that I always try to keep my feet on the ground and never distract me from myself. As a public figure it’s sometimes hard to stay close to your true self since you’re always judged and think you have to keep up with others opinions…

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Caro V-Guide & Model


WHO AM I? I will never fit in. That´s one of my best qualities. Nobody will ever influence the world by trying to be like it. Normality is a paved road to me, it´s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow. No risk, no story. I don’t adapt to the energy in the room, I…

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WHO AM I I‘m an Anjali, an open and communicative person. I love to laugh and to spread positivity. WHY I AM A VALEUR GUIDE I really love meeting with different and new people. It has always been very important to travel and to get to know different cultures. I want to always build up…

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