This time we dive deeper into Berlin’s history. By doing so, we discover how enemies became friends. We visit the Museum of Technology and the Tempelhof Airport. Here, we learn more about the Berlin Airlift and the history of aviation. We enter the Douglas C-54 Skymaster, the so-called Candy Bomber, and we discover the top-secret places of the airport, including its bunkers and Hollywood film sets. Discover with us one of the most vibrant cities on earth: Berlin.


We, the VALEUR GUIDES, are a group of friends who discover many different places under the motto: ONE WORLD. A goal is to meet people with exciting stories to tell.

Thereby, we will discover new places for 7 days each. From there, we will present seven intense, emotional, and entertaining video episodes about people with exciting stories to tell. Furthermore, we will deal with their place’s culture, traditions, history, lifestyle, art, leisure activities, and, thus, many values. Additionally, we will present stories and facts in accompanying issues of the VALEUR MAGAZINE.

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