The most relevant part of me is that I always try to keep my feet on the ground and never distract me from myself.
As a public figure it’s sometimes hard to stay close to your true self since you’re always judged and think you have to keep up with others opinions about you.

The older I grow I enjoy being humble and kind. I think those who worked hard in their life to reach certain goals will understand. Joy and hard work is my main source towards happiness.

Creating music and unforgettable moments with and for others as well as targeting new higher goals in life every day. I love to laugh and make everything with ease, so I will be the joyful funny and also wild but in the same time elegant guide in this project for sure.


… I travel the world since a very young age, and it is a part of my life.

Since I have a strong sense of feeling others and being an empath, I am very interested in the lives of those with a different background.

Socializing in general helps to expand one’s mind and perspectives on life. It’s like reading a book when someone is telling about their personal journey in life. Many people don’t have the possibility to travel. Therefore I am the right guide to fulfill the mission of the ONE WORLD DISCOVERY which is to bring not only people, cultures and information about serious topics together that is media-ready but what is beyond what people are used to see.

I am always looking for more in people, cultures and controversial topics that are becoming more and more fundamental parts of our life. The world is changing so fast right now that we have the feeling we can’t keep up.

Thus, I want to take every risk and possibility to present people informative and sophisticated stories as much as I can while I learn myself during the different trips and missions and report everything with ease and fun. We are all tired of being told things that we don’t know we can trust or not.

As V-GUIDES we will be able to find out together as a team the true information behind so many diverse things in the world and let the viewers decide for themselves in which reality, they want to live in.



I like to keep it simple but underline highlights. Street style meets glamour but all in all always comfortable. During my travels I love to shop and find individual items, accessories and clothes. I love to combine the chic and basic with exclusive and rare pieces. Furthermore, I believe that different places make you feel like wearing different styles therefore I play a lot with my style and change it.

All in all it is very colorful, even though it might be a neutral look, there’s always something colorful to find on me that is outstanding the whole look and it’s a great feeling to remember beautiful moments through the items I collect during my journeys.

I design clothes myself, too therefore I experiment a lot with fabrics and cuts. Besides my general look you might see me in a complete style change with wigs and extravagant clothes because on some days I feel like a certain character has to shine out.


Always open for new adventures. If I have an option to explore something new I will go for it.

My lifestyle is from camping on a lonely mountain with friends in the cold and rain to visit luxury island hotels and crazy villa parties.

I love to go to festivals like Burning Man with friends but also love to travel alone to a foreign city and have a “date” just me and the particular city. Imagine being in a cafe in Paris and drinking an Espresso while reading “The Paris Wife”. Or being in Mumbai in a bus towards Punee “Osho Center” watching the slums from the window while reading “Shantaram”


Being in planes since a very young age, I never visited Asia properly.

The lights and diversity, the food and cultural differences in a whole continent are fascinating for me.

From China to North Korea to Japan.

One night in busy Tokyo or a silent retreat in Thailand. Everything in Asia is interesting for me and still open to explore.


Everyone is creating his or her own reality and therefore chooses what he or she wants to see. For me, the most important aspect is to fulfill and be true to my own moral views on life and not to act and do decisions to only please others.

I always work being in tune with my heart and soul and since I am convinced that the world is a chain of connections, it is important to me that we are kind to each other and reach out to be there for others. You never know what battle someone else is going through. There is a reason why we are all born into a specific time. I do believe that everyone has a power and special skills/value to share with others to make the world a better place together, in the present, as a team.


Of course it’s the moments when I stay on stage. We pay a price for everything and being an artist also means to sign up for commitments. You are either lonely a lot of times or surrounded by too many people. But when I am on stage, the music starts and I hear my voice in the microphone with my band, I know that everything I decided in my life was right.

My personal therapy is cooking. I buy a lot of ingredients, cancel all appointments or choose a free day and cook different meals while watching a tv show in the kitchen by myself. That’s my favorite kind of meditation. Afterwards I invite all my friends to dinner.

And travels, travels, travels…I used to work in a restaurant when I was 16, cleaning the dishes (couldn’t do more with 16) collected my money and went to a trip to Paris with my friends for a long weekend. It was always in my blood to explore the unknown.


… Quincy Jones who is my favorite Composer.

I put him in my prayers so many times because I want him to be healthy as long as life allows.

Quincy Jones is the one who created the best hits from my favorite artists Michael Jackson, Prince and many more. It would be a milestone for my life achievements if I would ever get the chance to meet him.


  • Height – 175 cm / 5″9
  • Bust – 84 cm / 33
  • Waist – 69 cm / 27
  • Hips – 98 cm / 38
  • Size – 36
  • Jeans – 27/34
  • Shoes – 37
  • Eyes – Green-Brown
  • Hair – Brown
  • Cup – 75 C


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