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When it comes to our body, we tend to get creative. Besides modern fitness programs, a concerted life-work balance as well as a healthy diet and wellness have come to play a major role. More and more people become vegetarians or even vegan to do something good for their body and the environment. Is not only the aspect of detoxifying the body and preserving that state of mind and body which are important.

A clear conscience is a big part of our wellness regimen as well. It gives us self-confidence in knowing that we are not involved in harming animals. We do not want to see them being mistreated and suffer a short painful life under horrible circumstances.

But if we go back to our own body, especially looking at our second skin, we must accept the fact that often we do the exact thing that we are trying to protect our bodies from. We squeeze into badly fitted clothes which are conventionally fabricated from poor quality materials and the dying procedures are questionable. Often, we aren’t realize that cheap underwear can affect our physical and mental well-being. It can do so in many negative ways, from health, comfortability and self-esteem.


And yet, the world of lingerie is like a wonderful garden, filled with colorful blossoms and sensual secrets. The fact that underwear can fulfill many functions while still feeling comfortable and sexy is exactly the quality in lingerie we want to show you in this special feature. This edition is a glimpse into the sensual, colorful and intriguing world of underwear. An insight into the many facets and alluring history of our most intimate piece of clothing which inspired us to take a closer look.

Since one of Lingerie’s roles is to excite and seduce our significant others, we had to include its most romantic endeavor: Marriage.

In our Wedding report we highlight the fashion aspect of this age old tradition and who knows, we might just inspire the impulse to “say yes”


The new VALEUR MAGAZINE 27 edition presents once more a comprehensive range of tips and background information to feel good, well-dressed and – this time – incomparable sexy.


Besides a look back to the history of lingerie, VALEUR MAGAZINE 27 shows styles and fitness programms of stars like Kendall Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, or Josefine Forsberg.


As usual VALEUR MAGAZINE 27 is document of a well-selected brands and products. Why should we waste your time with bad news. We prefer to show you sensual designs such as the collections of AnneBra, La Perla, Chantal Thomass. Additionally, we  show you seductive collections of Les Jupons De Tess. Moreover, enjoy the “lingerie jewelry” from Bracli. Be inspired by accessories from Laura Luisa, or  the embroidery form myMonogram. Become familiar with the “body art” of Angelys Balek? Finally, fall in love with the romantic lingerie of Lingadore, Marie Jo, Millesia and others.


Lingerie and desire are a loving couple. What follows next, the wedding. Therefore, VALEUR MAGAZINE 27 presents a huge story about the history and traditions of bridal fashion, showing the breathtaking collection of Cymbeline  at the same time.



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