Anthony (Tony) Leps draws upon an extremely diverse artistic and technical background spanning over 25 years to tell inspiring stories through cinematic images.

Tony is the Co-founder of Red Front Door Studios, providing international video production services to corporations, filmmakers, and individuals. His productions have sent him across the globe, acting in various roles such as Writer, Director, Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, and Technical Consultant.

As one of the earliest DSLR filmmakers, Tony specializes in story-driven narratives, as well as advertising and marketing communications, through stunning still imagery and high-quality video content.

He served Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems for over 15 years in a multitude of roles, and was significant in building the foundational corporate-wide I.T. infrastructure.

Tony Leps later transformed the company’s marketing efforts as Designer, Photographer, Cinematographer, and Digital Asset Manager. As an artist and musician, Tony has performed in various circles, including Carnegie Hall, the Today Show, the Tony award-winning Broadway show “Blast!”, the 1996 Olympics, and the Walt Disney Company.

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