With the VALEUR MODEL CASTINGS we offer you the big chance to


THE DIFFERENCE: Quite similar to the opening of a book, every single page of the VALEUR MAGAZINE opens doors to international shootings and advertisement productions. Moreover, the magazine gives models with entertaining talent the chance to expand the business to new fields, such as TV and film.

Because of its international media network, the VALEUR MODELS MGMT. works completely different to classical agencies. Furthermore, VALEUR is in cooperation with some of the best brands and agencies around the globe. Therefore, VALEUR MODELS doesn’t offer standard model castings and bookings, but the most effective international business platform.



Here you will find more information about the castings themselves. For more information about jobs, please scroll down.

What is the casting about?

The model castings are important for us to see your talent, but also your personality. Since a model is a business woman or man, it is not only important to look good, but also to always act in a professional way. Therefore, we need to make sure you are reliable and responsible, but we will also help you with everything.

Why does it take such a long time?

As mentioned before, at VALEUR we look for professional models, not just good looking people. Therefore, we have to check you in detail. However, the huge advantage for you is that the VALEUR MODEL castings are highly valued by international clients. Therefore, we are able to place you in international jobs via direct booking or through pre-selected castings.

On the first day

we check your personality and skills. Then, we produce some “Fresh-Test” pictures and videos. Furthermore, we will discuss the cooperation.

The second day

will be focused on the test shooting. Please read more about it in the respective FAQ section.

Where does it take place?

The regular model castings take place in Berlin, but from time to time we can cast you in the following areas:

  • Warsaw, Krakow, Szczecin
  • Paris, Marseille
  • London
  • Stockholm
  • New York, Miami, L.A.
  • Cape Town
  • Hong Kong

Do I have to travel?

  1. You have to travel to the model casting. As mentioned before, the regular castings take place in Berlin. Nevertheless, we can help with free accommodation.
  2. As a model you also have to travel a lot. The model job is hard, and you have to work worldwide. In the beginning, you can be focused on your home area. There, you can gather experiences, but later you should meet the international challenges. For that you would have to go to New York, and other model hotspots.

What are the risks?

Actually, there are no risks. The biggest risk is overconfidence. Therefore, be always realistic regarding yourself and your own skills. We take care of the rest.

Do I have to pay something?

Definitely no.

You don’t have to pay anything to us. The model castings as well as the cooperation is free of costs. Only the first travel to the casting you have to organize by yourself.

What are "Polaroids"?

Polaroids are snapshots of you. Since the quality isn’t an important aspect, you can take the pictures with your smartphone,

  • They should show you naturally, without makeup/styling.
  • Don’t use filters or photoshop.
  • If you have scars or any problem zones, don’t hide it.
  • Take close-up pictures of your face from the front and both sides.
  • Take some full body shots from the front and all sides, incl. backside.
  • Wear lingerie or a bikini to show your figure and skin.
  • Take pictures of your hands or other body parts, that you like most.
  • Take pictures of your tattoos, piercings etc.

What is an "introduction video"?

The introduction video should include:

  • a short introduction of yourself: “hello my name is…, I want to become a VALEUR model because…”
  • the same as the polaroids (see above)
  • a short walk in your room – catwalk style (also in lingerie, bikini or shorts)

Important here (just like with the Polaroids) is that we can see you, your skin, figure, hair, hands, legs etc.

What will happen with my data?

Your data will be processed in accordance with the European and international privacy policy.
We will only use it internally relating to your application.
If you are successful, we will only use relevant data such as measurements, height etc. (with your permission) for your promotion, sedcard and book.

How can I prepare myself?

The biggest mistake of newcomers is to join castings on the fly, but you have only one chance.

Therefore, it is very important to have some practice before. So, use your mirror, corridor, stairs, smartphone etc. for a walk, posing and interview training.

Watch fashion shows and making of… videos on youtube.

Look at pictures on the internet, magazines, in the warehouse and try to find YOUR own posing.

We will help you, but you should show basic skills and that you are well-prepared to take the first steps.

Do I need my own clothes?

Except shoes (some high heels), you don’t need own clothes. VALEUR will organize everything for you.

We organize high-fashion, urban streetwear, lounge wear, lingerie, beachwear etc.

What does "test-shoot" mean?

The test shoot is an important part of the model castings. During this shoot, we check your skills in front of the camera. It will include all relevant themes.

Your advantage: We organize a stunning location as well as trendy outfits for the shooting. If you act professionally, the test turns into your individual promotion shooting. This means that the pictures – if you and they are good enough – will be used for your sedcard/ composite card, book and further promotion, for example in the VALEUR MAGAZINE, and related media.

Do I need a book or sedcard?

No, we don’t expect a sedcard or book. We will produce it for you if the test shoot is a success.

What are my benefits?

Please check the pink info box. Your advantages are clear, because VALEUR

  • isn’t running an agency with 500 models, but an exclusive, personalized management,
  • recommends you to international clients of all important business areas,
  • promotes you with eye-catching and individual magazine editorials
  • produces for you the sedcard, books and reference material
  • helps you with the first as well as further steps


Here you will find more information about jobs, further requirements, options and rules.

What can I expect as a VALEUR MODEL?

The model business is one of the hardest. Therefore, nobody can give you the guarantee that you will become a successful model.

But, if you are motivated and talented, the chances are very good, when you work with VALEUR.

You will find the reasons for that in the previous answers.

How much money could I earn?

Every beginning is hard. Therefore, you shouldn’t dream. The first jobs are relevant to promote you and to introduce you to the market. But they will not bring big money. Besides, there are no collectively agreed wages.

In the beginning, it is important to use all good chances in order to create an effective portfolio.

VALEUR takes care of all steps. We select the best options and projects. If you are a professional person with perseverance, you will get offers for bigger projects and productions, and as a consequence you will get higher fees step by step.

Is it a full time job?

This question depends on you. If you want to be successful, you should be focused on the job. But, in the beginning, you should have additional options to secure your life.

Can I work with you besides school, study, work?

Of course, especially in the beginning you can (should) work beside the model job. However, you should make sure you can be available for castings and jobs, also during the week. You should also be prepared to get THE ONE offer, which could be the foundation of an international career.

This offer could mean to interrupt your study or school. Nobody can tell you when – and if – this offer will come, but you should be prepared.

Could I work with other agencies?

Of course, as long as their work isn’t touching ours, you are free to work with other agencies. Only in our closest business area we expect an exclusive cooperation.

Is it ok to have a Facebook model fan page?

The Internet is boon and bane. You are free to maintain a personal webpage, but you should keep yourself exclusive. If clients see that you promote yourself to everybody, not one of them – as well as we – will be interested in working with you.

Therefore, the magic word is exclusivity. It doesn’t mean exclusive contracts, but an exclusive and professional behavior. You should think about designer fashion, jewelry etc. Everything that is rare, is expensive too. Right?

However, in any case, you should talk to us and allow us to “clean”, improve and optimize your posts.

Do I have to move to Berlin or any other place?

No, you don’t have to move. Even though it would be an advantage. The closer you are, the better are your chances. However, you should find ways and friends, who make it easy for you, to be flexible and able to travel to certain places. In the beginning, you have to go to New York, Cape Town, Hong Kong and other places. Please note: Most of these stays last 3 months and more.

Do you offer trainings and coachings?

Yes, we offer coaching, trainings etc. Already the casting is a first training, because we will help you use these days in the most efficient way.

How long could I work in the business?

Nowadays, there are no limits. Some models become more beautiful with age, some not. It depends on yourself, your private life, your lifestyle, health etc. However, if everything goes well, you can work in the business for a long time. Additionally, you will meet many people and you will learn a lot. Besides, the experiences will help you find alternative jobs within the business, in front or behind the camera.

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As a professional artist you are always welcome to contact us to expand your business field. Of course, you don’t have to join the standard model castings for newcomers. Please write us an e-mail and we will let you what the first steps of a cooperation would be.

We are working with models, dancers and artists from all over the world. No matter where you come from, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

On the right you can see what we would need from you for the start.

  • Reference Pictures
  • Polaroids
  • Introduction Video / Show-Reel
  • Conditions & General Availability
  • Complete Measurements
  • Complete Contacts
  • Pictures
  • Polaroids
  • Introduction Video
  • Availability
  • Measurements
  • Contacts

As a newcomer we kindly ask you to join the model castings, but VALEUR invites you only when we see true talent and good chances for future jobs. Therefore, it is very important to send us the material listed on the left side.

When we invite you, your chances are good to become a VALEUR MODEL.

Because of our high demands, the VALEUR CASTINGS last from 2 to 3 days. You will learn more about them in the FAQ below.